Christian Girl Narrowly Escapes Attempted Rape in Jaranwala

June 27, 2024 - In a shocking incident, a young Christian domestic worker, Asia Bibi, narrowly escaped an attempted rape in Chak No 93 G.B. Jaranwala/Faisalabad. The horrifying event occurred on June 26, 2024, around 12 PM when Asia, the daughter of Shahzad Masih, was returning home after finishing her work at shopkeeper Shahzad’s home.

According to the details provided in the First Information Report (FIR), Asia was nearing her home when she was accosted by two boys, Azeem and Atif, both sons of Jamil. The boys, with the assistance of Ali Faqeer, who provided them with keys to a vacant rented home, attempted to drag Asia into the house. Despite her continuous screams for help, the culprits forcibly pulled her, dislocating her arm and tearing her dress in the process.

The extreme heat of the day meant few people were outside, but fortunately, a woman returning from work witnessed the attack and cried out for help. Her shouts alerted Javed Masih and Ejaz Masih, who rushed to the scene, causing the attackers to flee.

The rescuers escorted Asia back to her home and assisted the family in filing an FIR. Asia Shahzad, 19, lives with her father Shahzad Masih and brother Sajid. The family, who work as brick kiln labourers, has already faced significant hardships, having lost their wife and mother Yasmeen.

Arif Masih, Asia’s uncle, confirmed that FIR No. 563/24 was registered at the Balochni Police Station in District Faisalabad. While the police managed to apprehend a relative of the culprits during a raid, the primary suspects, Azeem and Atif, remain at large.

This incident highlights the vulnerability of minority communities and the urgent need for better protection and swift justice. The local community and human rights activists are calling for immediate action to apprehend the culprits and ensure the safety and dignity of all citizens, regardless of their background.

The authorities are urged to expedite their investigation and bring the perpetrators to justice to prevent such heinous crimes in the future.