Minorities Leadership Demand Protection Legislation to Save Unsafe Minorities

Lahore, June 26, 2024 - Prominent social, political, and religious leaders of minority communities convened a joint press conference at the Lahore Press Club, calling for urgent legislation to protect religious minorities in Pakistan. The event highlighted the ongoing misuse of blasphemy laws, rising incidents of mob violence, and attacks on the lives and properties of minorities.

The leadership collectively condemned recent violent incidents, including the lynching of Nazir Masih in Sargodha and a tourist in Swat following blasphemy allegations. They emphasized the urgent need for protective measures to prevent such atrocities and safeguard minority communities.

Chairman of Rwadari Tehreek Pakistan, Samson Salamat, expressed deep concerns over the persistent threats faced by minorities. "The misuse of blasphemy laws and the increasing extremism and intolerance in society demand immediate legislative action to ensure the safety and security of our communities," he stated.

The press conference saw the participation of key figures, including:

Ejaz Alam Augustine, Ex-Minister for Human Rights and Minorities Affairs
Very Rev. Emmanuel Khokhar, Spokesperson of the Church of Pakistan
Rev. Abraham Daniel, Bishop of Sahiwal
Rev. Reuben Qamar, Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan
Victor Azraiah, General Secretary of the National Council of Churches in Pakistan
Rev. Obaid Khokhar, Executive Secretary of the Presbyterian Church
Rev. Amjad Niamat, Chairman of the Ecumenical Commission of the Presbyterian Church
Pastor Shaukat Ashiq
Sonia Ashar MPA and Tariq Gill, Members of the Punjab Assembly
Social activists Sharon Shamir of the Human Rights Organization, Ramma Khokhar of Christian's True Spirit, Aroon Arthur, Sunil Gulzar, Riaz Aassi, Dr. Adoo Ram, and others.

The leadership underscored the necessity for a robust Minorities Protection Legislation to address the growing menace of extremism and intolerance. They called for the government's immediate attention to create a legal framework that ensures justice and protection for all minority communities.

The press conference marked a significant step in the collective efforts of minority leaders to advocate for their rights and safety, urging the government to take decisive action against the violence and discrimination faced by religious minorities in Pakistan.

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