Community Outcry in Faisalabad as Protesters Demand Recovery of Abducted Christian Girl

Today, May 17, in Faisalabad, public outcry has reached a peak with a protest organized outside the office of the Chief Police Officer (CPO). Community members, particularly distressed family members and local women blocked the CPO's car, demanding immediate action for the recovery of Laiba, a 10-year-old Christian girl who has been missing for over a month. The emotional scene unfolded in a tense blockade, focusing attention on this urgent case.

The CPO addressed the crowd, promising to recover Laiba within the next four days and expressing a deep commitment to the search and rescue efforts. This firm pledge came amidst rising tensions and calls from demonstrators for the Chief Minister of Punjab, Maryam Nawaz, to personally intervene.

Laiba's father, Suhail Masih, reported that his daughter was abducted from their home in Chak 233-RB Ikhlaq Town by a local figure known for coercing minor non-Muslims into conversion and possibly trafficking. Despite registering an abduction case, the local police have shown a lack of initiative in pursuing the culprits, compounding the family’s distress.

Local activist Lal Robin, who has been actively supporting Laiba's family, condemned the police's inaction. He stated, "The abduction of Laiba is a horrifying symptom of a larger issue affecting our community. We demand swift and decisive action from the authorities to bring her home safely and ensure that no other family has to endure such a nightmare. The local police's negligence is unacceptable, and we will continue to fight until justice is served."

Laiba’s abduction is part of a distressing pattern involving forced conversions and the feared outcome of sex trafficking, a fate all too common in such cases, as claimed by Masih. He fears for his daughter's safety, especially after she was reportedly taken from a women’s shelter by the very individual accused of orchestrating her abduction.

This crisis has galvanized the local Christian community into a movement demanding not just Laiba's safe return but also systematic changes to protect vulnerable communities across Punjab from similar atrocities. The promise made by the Faisalabad CPO now stands as a critical test of accountability and justice in a region where such pledges have historically been met with scepticism.