Protesters in Mehran Town Call for Protection of Churches and Community

Karachi, April 28, 2024 — Members of the Christian community from the Korangi area of Mehran Town, along with religious and social activists, held a peaceful protest in front of the Karachi Press Club. The demonstration aimed to draw attention to the pressing issues facing their community.

Speaking to the protesters and the media, Pastor Atique Qaiser Bhatti highlighted the dire state of affairs in Mehran Town. He emphasized that the Sindh government's promise of "cloth, bread, and shelter" had not materialized for the residents, with many left without a roof over their heads. Bhatti criticized the lawlessness prevailing in Mehran Town, where the police are accused of brutality and exploiting the community, especially by fabricating charges against Christian residents.

Furthermore, Bhatti condemned the eviction of poor families and churches through bogus real estate files, questioning where these opportunists were when the land was barren. He urged Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah to intervene and safeguard the Christian residents, who have long lived in the area. Bhatti accused the Karachi Development Authority (KDA) and Korangi Industrial Police Station of mistreating the hard-working people of Mehran Town.

Pastor Bhatti also called upon the Sindh government to address the situation, accusing them of complicity with land mafias. He warned that failure to act on their demands could lead to further actions, including citywide protests.

In a final appeal, Bhatti urged newly elected minority members of the Sindh Provincial Assembly to stand with the Christians of Mehran Town and be their voice in the halls of power.

Joining the protest were Pastor Shahzad Khokher, Pastor Nazir Siddique, Pastor Tariq Saleem, politician Dillawar Bhatti, Jamal ud Din Rajpoot, and many others.