Punjab Government Commends Christian Sanitary Staff with Financial Bonus for Holiday Services

Lahore, March 2024: In a recent initiative to acknowledge the hard work of sanitation workers, Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz announced a special bonus of Rs. 5000 for each Christian worker in Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) on the occasion of Good Friday and Easter. This announcement, made in line with the upcoming religious celebrations, was welcomed with gratitude by the sanitation community.

As per the notification issued by LWMC's HR department, the bonus will be disbursed to a total of 9199 sanitary workers, 73 supervisors, 250 drivers, and 6 helpers. This decision underscores the government's recognition of the significant role these workers play in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in the city.

CEO of Lahore Waste Management Company, Babar Din, in a press conference, detailed the company’s comprehensive plan for a "Zero Waste Operation" in Lahore before the Good Friday holiday. He stated that all sanitation workers will extend their fieldwork hours by more than two hours per shift to ensure a thorough cleanup operation. This initiative is aimed at preparing the city for the upcoming Easter celebrations, a period marked by increased public activities.

In particular, LWMC has prioritized the cleaning of 266 churches across the city. The CEO emphasized the importance of these religious sites during Easter and assured that their cleaning and maintenance would be of the highest standard.

Additionally, a focused manual sweeping and scraping process will be carried out in 78 Christian Colonies in Lahore, ensuring that these areas are also well-maintained during the festivities. Operational machinery and sanitation teams will be actively working on the ground during both Good Friday and Easter, highlighting LWMC’s commitment to keeping the city clean and environmentally friendly.

CEO Babar Din also used this opportunity to call upon the citizens of Lahore to support the LWMC staff in their efforts to keep the city clean. He emphasized the importance of community participation in maintaining cleanliness and urged the public to be mindful of their waste disposal during the holiday period.

This announcement of a bonus for Christian workers by the Punjab Government and the proactive measures by LWMC are seen as positive steps towards recognizing the essential services provided by these workers. It also reflects the government’s commitment to ensuring the well-being and fair treatment of all its employees, irrespective of their religious background. As Lahore prepares to celebrate Easter, the efforts of the LWMC workers are set to ensure that the city remains clean and hygienic, contributing to the joy and spirit of the festival.