Supreme Court's Historic Verdict Restores Gordon College to Original Owners

Islamabad November 10, In a landmark judgment, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has ruled in favour of the Presbyterian Church (USA)'s Sialkot Mission, reinstating the ownership of Gordon College, Rawalpindi. This decision resolves a long-standing legal battle over the 130-year-old institution, initially nationalized in 1972 under Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto's administration.

The college, established in 1893 by the British and serving as a beacon of academic excellence, faced challenges after its nationalization. The ruling has been a subject of contention, especially among students and faculty who feared the impact of privatization on the college's historical and educational value.

Despite protests and opposition, the legal victory signifies a turning point for religious and educational rights in Pakistan. The case, represented by Brig (r) Dr. Nayer Fardows and Advocate Imran Aziz Qureshi, was noted for its parallels with similar challenges faced by other institutions like Forman Christian College.

This ruling is not merely a legal resolution but marks a significant moment in Pakistan's educational history, emphasizing the delicate balance between preserving educational heritage and legal property rights.