Christian Family’s plea to Pakistani PM Following Daughter's Abduction

A distraught Christian family from Wazirabad, Punjab have implored Pakistan's Prime Minister and Chief Justice to intervene, following their daughter's disappearance. Fouzia Bibi, mother of 16-year-old Muskan, says that her daughter vanished from a local market on May 14th, raising fears of abduction. Despite lodging a First Information Report (FIR) with local police, Muskan's whereabouts remain unknown, with the suspected kidnapper Ahmad Ali still at large.

According to Fouzia, Ali had been persistently following her daughter for a long time. She recounted a disturbing incident where he threatened her with a knife, demanding that she hand over her daughter to him. He even threatened that he would abduct her from their home if necessary.
Following this alarming incident, Asghar, Muskan's father, immediately sought help from the local council members in their area. The council members assured him that they would address the issue and speak to Ali about his intimidating behaviour towards the family. However, Asghar expressed his disappointment as the council failed to take any action to help them.
In desperation, the family reached out to the police through the 115 helpline, but their pleas for assistance fell on deaf ears. The police neither intervened nor made any effort to speak to the boy to put a stop to the harassment.

The family asserts that Muskan was forced to produce a fraudulent court statement suggesting that she had voluntarily converted to Islam to marry her kidnapper Ali, adding that she was escaping a forced union within her own family. 

Muskan's father said that Muskan had been engaged to a Christian boy in Italy, and had been happy. “I can see no reason she would have suddenly wanted to marry this other man.” 

The parents claim that she had been stalked by Ahmad Ali before her abduction. Since then, they have been harassed an intimidated by Ali. Mother Wazirabad says that Ali and his accomplices kidnapped the couple’s son Sagar, using him as leverage to dissuade them from pursuing the case, before returning him.

The case has sparked outrage among the Christian community, who have pleaded for immediate action for Muskan's safe return. Sadly, the lack of effective police and court intervention in such cases often leads to the perpetrators' impunity, igniting fears of further kidnappings and forced conversions. Amid these grim realities, Muskan's family maintains their desperate hope for justice and her safe return.