Two Hindu sanitation workers die while cleaning sewage line

Two Hindu sanitation workers died on June 5 while they were cleaning a sewage line in Port Bin Qasim Town, Karachi.
According to Chaudhry Warris Gulnaz, a representative of the Centre for Law and Justice (CLJ), as soon as the bodies were recovered, they were rushed to the hospital, but unfortunately, neither worker survived.  

The brothers, Roshan Poran and Karan Poran, are thought to have died from inhaling toxic gases when they were working inside the sewage line.

Karan was married to Bella and had two daughters, ages 2 and 4, and one six-year-old son.  While the older brother Roshan was 45 years old and married to Sonia with three sons and three daughters.

Rakesh Roshan, 20, the oldest son of Roshan, said it was a nightmare receiving two dead bodies in any family. 
He further said the family’s world had ended, and the brothers were the only breadwinners.

According to police officials, the family has avoided taking legal action calling it just an accident and insisting the bodies be handed over  
Both brothers' funeral rituals were performed according to the Hindu faith and were cremated in Khokhrapar Malir graveyard, in Karachi. This is a mixed graveyard for Hindus and Christians.

Hindu and Christian communities are poor, and the majority of them do menial jobs to support their families. These two brothers are not the first and only sanitation workers who have lost their lives during the cleaning of sewage lines. Last month, the body of 31-year-old Baber Hameed, a Christian sanitation worker, was recovered two weeks after his death.